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Cheers to Love: Unwrapping the Best Valentine's Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Updated: Feb 1

Valentine's day is quickly approaching and to help with your celebration we have put together a list of whiskey themed gifts that will warm the heart.

DARYL PROOF: Delight your whiskey enthusiast by gifting them a tactical whiskey case. Daryl Proof is designed not only for style but also to ensure the safe transport and presentation of their favorite whiskey's. Customize these cases specific for your loved one with glassware and/or cigar compartments. This is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Limited Edition Whiskey Bottles: Toast to romance with a rare and limited- edition whiskey bottle to make this Valentine's Day truly exceptional. Choose a special release from your partner's favorite distillery, look for single barrel special releases from your local liquor store, or send us a message for details on how to purchase our very first Whiskey Bliss single barrel bourbon, a one of a kind show of craftmanship.

Whiskey Gift Set: Sip in style and elevate the whiskey-drinking experience with this unique whiskey gift set that includes granite stones, rock glasses & more all in an amazing wooden crate. Whether you're enjoying your whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in a beautiful hand-crafted cocktail this gift set is sure to enhance any happy hour with your love!

Whiskey Tasting Box: Explore flavors together with a curate whiskey tasting experience from Flaviar. These boxes include a selection of premium whiskey samples that allow you, and your loved one, to explore different flavor profiles while deepening your appreciation for whiskey together. Whiskey gift subscriptions are also available to keep the romance alive long after Valentine's Day.

(Flaviar Subscription Discount Code: Whiskey10)

Stemless Nosing Glass: This insulated stainless-steel glass fits perfectly in your hand while allowing the natural aromas of whiskey to breathe. Enhance your romantic evenings by sharing a dram in this sleek and modern whiskey glass. Its durable design also makes it perfect for your next romantic weekend getaway or intimate picnic for two.

Cocktail Aromatic Bitters- These concentrated, aromatic infusions not only add depth and complexity but also elevate the overall drinking experience, turning a simple pour into a masterpiece. Enjoy crafting the perfect whiskey cocktail with your sweetheart.

 Whiskey-Related Books: A thoughtful gift for the avid reader and whiskey lover. This is a book that delves into the history, production, and appreciation of whiskey. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite bottle for a delightful combination.

Let's Toast to Love & Whiskey This Valentine's Day!

Express your love with gifts that celebrate the shared enjoyment of whiskey. Whether it's a rare bottle, personalized glassware, or an immersive tasting experience, these thoughtful presents are sure to kindle the flames of romance.

Cheers to love, romance, and the exquisite taste of whiskey!

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