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Sip'N Wagon

Whiskey Wagon

 Our 1971 vintage horse trailer is a true labor of love.  When we first purchased the trailer, we had no idea how much work restoring it would be. It took many late nights, weekend hours, and hard work.


The plan was not to take her all the way down to her studs. Although, that is exactly what we ended up having to do.

Mobile Bar
Whiskey Tasting Bar
Ready for paint 

Once we got her all rebuilt and the majority of the rust removed we were ready to take her to the painter. 


Paint is a miracle!  After sandblasting, window cutting and painting we started to see our vision for the wagon take shape.

Whiskey Tasting Experience
Wood & Bar

We like to say this stain looks like a glass of whiskey. 

It was so exciting to finally see the bar as we had envisioned. 

Mobile Bourbon Bar
Sip 'N Time

Here she is, our labor of love. 

Three months from the date of purchase the restoration was complete.  We could not have done it without our family and friends! There was blood, tears, laughter, and frustration throughout the restoration, but when we step inside and pour a glass of whiskey, we know it was worth it all. 

Colorado Mobile Bar Owners.jpg
A Peek Inside

The Sip 'n Wagon is so special to us. It has brought us many whiskey  adventures. We can't wait for it to become a part of your next celebration.

Have the Sip 'n Wagon roll up to your next event, for a one of a kind WHISKEY TASTING. 


Peek Inside_edited.jpg

More wagon photos & info on Instagram 

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